A Letter To The Narcissist – No. 76



Dear Narcoholic

I really thought there was just a hurt little kid in there. Now I know – you’re just a vacuum. A black hole. A pit of toxic waste quicksand. You are truly vile.
BUT, we had a few laughs so no hard feelings.
Stay away from me though. LOL
No, seriously. You smell. Jesus how drunk was I, eh?
Oh and for GOD’S SAKE stop the drunken crocodile tears. When you “get misty”. It’s awkward. Everybody hates it. I know you think you are “relating” or some shit but it’s just fuckin weird.
Anyhow, try not to poison anybody else while you drink yourself to death, you selfish, arrogant, cruel ballsack of lame excuses.
Ps Do the world  a favour and never attempt to give head again. You’re horrible at it. Oh my God, you’re just the worst at it. I just wanted to face palm every time. I honestly cannot stress enough how bad you are at giving head. You should just stop trying. Forever.

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