Real Narcissists – Early Warning Signs

Real Narcissists – Early Warning Signs

Narcissism isn’t always obvious–a fact you’ll learn if you’ve been watching my videos. In fact, the loud, brash chest-thumping narcissist is really just one of many types. And when we get too focused on this caricature or stereotype, we miss signs that have absolutely nothing to do with someone being loud or vain. There are reliable signs no matter what kind of narcissism someone struggles with–extroverted narcissism, introverted narcissism, and even communal narcissism–as long as you know what to looks for. Hint: its not a lack of empathy that gives all narcissists away. But there is something that does. And in this video, I tell you all about what drives extreme narcissism and the tells that are alway present in narcissists, whether they’re quiet and self-effacing or loud and insulting.

To learn more about all five early warning signs and more easily spot even subtle narcissism at the start of a relationship, read my internationally acclaimed book, Rethinking Narcissism.



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