Accelerated Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse – Proven Method 3

Accelerated Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse – Proven Method 3
Releasing the trauma and bad experiences from the psyche

We all have trauma and bad experiences caught up in our psyche. This is energy that has come in through us, has disturbed us and we have shut down trapping this energy inside us. Even though we thought we dealt with it, if we have shut down the trauma will still be inside us swirling around and affecting everything. We will re-experience these traumas when things remind us of the particular trauma.

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Like if you saw your boyfriend Having dinner at a particular restaurant with another woman. In the future even years later when your life may be good If you passed that restaurant chain you may start to feel bad and not realize why. If the woman he was sitting with at the restaurant was a model. Years later if someone talks about modeling agencies you may start to feel bad and not realize why. If you went to talk about it later with your boyfriend at a park and you ended up breaking up there. Years later you may feel depressed when you are in certain types of parks even though you have forgotten this incident from long ago.

In the yogic tradition they call these trapped energies samskaras. We have to open up to release these Samskaras.

One way of doing this is by meditating. Going within the self, And allowing whatever comes up to come up. Excepting it. Being with that. Letting it go.

Another thing you can do is. Feel the energy and the emotion. Feel where you feel it in your body. Name the emotion write about the feeling or experience in first person. Then write about it in second person. And lastly write about it in third person. Now burn the paper. Let the name Of the emotion go. Breathe out the emotion. Or sounded out.

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