#1 Thing to AVOID When Talking to a NARCISSIST or NEGATIVE Person

Are you being drained by a narcissist? Are you frustrated, feel stuck, and are tired of trying to get your point account? Do you feel minimized, abandoned, rejected, mocked and unheard?

One of the most frustrating things about having to deal with a narcissist is coming to terms with the fact that they do NOT listen! Narcissists and those with narcissistic traits are NOT interested in sharing their energy with you–instead–they are ONLY interested in taking energy FROM you.

The #1 thing you can learn to do when dealing with a narcissist, is to STOP trying to prove your point to them. Instead, SHUTTY SHUTTY–observe their behavior, hold onto the self, set clear boundaries, identify the lack in your interactions and decide how much of yourself or your time you are willing to give this other person.

Most of us grow up thinking that EVERYBODY is rational and fair-minded but that is just NOT the case. There are SPIRITUAL, ENERGETIC, PSYCHOLOGICAL, and PHYSICAL predators out there! The more we learn about how narcissists think, the clearer and stronger our personal boundaries can become.

Children of narcissistic parents, who are now suffering from codependency symptoms, may be struggling to learn how to love themselves after narcissistic abuse. Narcissists tend to attract people pleasers, or codependent personalities. Because codependents are eager to please, because they seek outside validation, they are easy targets for narcissistic lovers, and friends.

It is not easy to learn how to Certified Life Coach and bestselling author who speciallove yourself after narcissistic abuse, but with the right codependency recovery tools, it is possible. It is even possible to find love after codependency.

Lisa A. Romano is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in codependency, narcissistic abuse, the law of attraction, and mind shift training.

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My Road Beyond The Codependent Divorce
Codependent Now What? It’s Not You-It’s Your Programming
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