Today I Love Soft Grey Mornings

dark clouds over my neighborhood
A day with soft grey attitude

Today I love soft grey mornings here in Grey county. I love the way it feels like the heat is coming back into our day. I love that the forecast is calling for just about everything but sunshine though there’s a bit of a chance of that between now and lunch time according to the radar map. I love days that have character and texture, days that keep me guessing, days that bring everything they have for me to experience. I love these days of dull light and warm temperatures when I can open my eyes without squinting and take in the entire vista of my vantage at any given time. I love the broody, moody feel of a darker day when it might just get angry and stormy and, like any sort of break down, that’s cathartic to watch. I love that September is taking a lot of grumbling and complaints from the world this year and if it storms and rages today I will be happy to just watch it and enjoy the freedom it will feel from the release of this anger. I love watching lightning, feeling the deep rumble of thunder as it echoes off of everything it touches and settles down into a long deep-throated grumble before taking a breath for the next big booming explosion. I love the feeling of being alive that a good storm gives me. I love storms.

Today I love how much we got done yesterday. I love that I got a Friday load of work on a Monday and made it through. I love that we went for a walk in the evening. I love that a bunch of laundry got done and is in from the line and smelling wonderfully outdoor fresh without a single drip of chemical scent, which I truly and passionately hate for some reason, possibly because it seems like a lie that people are trying to convince me is okay. “New, outdoor fresh scent in every bottle!”??? I don’t think so. I love doing the laundry and then having clean clothes to wear, there’s something really cool about putting on clean clothes when I’m going out somewhere.

Today I love thinking about fishing, which is a lot easier than fishing itself. I love fishing, but mostly I love the quiet solitude and the time it allows for my mind to wander because wandering is something my mind can do really well. I love that my good guitar still sounds great, I may take it to the open mic this Friday and play some tunes there for people.

Today I love sipping coffee in the comforting embrace of this soft grey day.

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