NO CONTACT is important. This may take weeks, months or even years. The longer you live in this place of ABUSE, you become the one who stirs up conflict… Going “no contact” is showing that you will not have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments anymore. Its a difficult and frightening choice to disconnect yourself from people you love… Spouse, family members. Its taking sole responsibility for your own mental, emotional and spiritual health. Taking sole responsibility is scary, we would much rather have shared responsibility…Where everyone contributes to peace equally. This is something we want in life, fairness and equality… But, thats not reality. Going no contact is about Sacrificing what you want, in order to get what you truly need. You don’t need fairness and equality, but you do need to let go of hurt and anger so you can become blameless in a world that wants to find someone or something to blame. You may find yourself grieving or mourning the loss of what you wanted, “what could have been” or “what should have been”. You may feel deeply depressed and guilty at the thought of quitting and walking away. But choosing to let go, is choosing to rid yourself of anger, rage, frustration and bitterness. Going “no contact” is not a decision to stop loving people, its a decision to stop struggling with them and let them be who they are going to be while you work on yourself.



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