Today I Love Knowing Weird Things

Coffee in a funny cup in the wednesday office
Ha, I must have enough coffee, ’cause I already rule my world!

Today I love knowing weird things like that café tables almost always have three or four adjustable feet on the bottom which means the clever people who put folded up paper or sugar packets under the legs could be cleverer. I love that, although I almost never enter trivia contests I know a lot of trivial things. I love that when a random trivia contest was revealed to be the between games entertainment at a curling bonspiel my team that was selected by me personally for no reason other than to have fun turned out to be the perfect storm of trivia people and we totally owned that contest. I love the strange looks I get from friends and strangers and even members of my family when I say unusual things out of the blue that seem to have no connection to the conversation we’ve been having but if they’d had access to the part of the conversation that took place inside my head they’d get it so I just tell them they’ll catch up sooner or later … or maybe never but it’ll be okay. I love that I can be driving along, talking to whomever is in the car about the potential of geostationary satellites that are tethered to the earth and have elevators that climb the tethering cable thereby negating the need for rocket launching and then suddenly tell the person the Latin name for a plant that I drove past a half mile back. I love that sometimes when that happens the people in the car are actually imaginary … I don’t like to be alone a lot.

Today I love that enough time has passed since my father’s passing that I am starting to unpack the feelings I have about that now, the regrets and the happiness that I associate with his being in my life for sixty years. I love that I got to ask him questions about the people that were here before him that I never got to meet, like my great great aunt Cicely who my Father thought was called Sicily as a nick-name and figured she must have been a Cicilia but when I went looking for records turned out to be Cicely after all. I love that when it came to his obituary I had all the names and that helped me feel like I had known my father well enough.

Today I love the Wednesday office vibe that’s going on here in the good old Wednesday office. I love how I end up here almost every week without fail because I get stuff done here and that’s good and I get to have lunch with my partner and that’s great. I love how love is the fuel of thriving and succeeding and growing and so many more positive things. I love that love is the cause of so many “Today I Love” posts all over the internet.

Today I love sitting in my Wednesday office and drinking coffee while the world and I move forward … with love.

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