Today I Love Sleepy Mornings

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Today I love sleepy mornings though I’m actually the one who is sleepy, but that’s okay, I’ll survive. I love that my cough isn’t any worse, though it’s neither better nor doing me any good. I love that I may be a little more grumpy than usual today, because I’m pretty sure I’ve prepared people for that eventuality by being gruff and grumpy at times when it wasn’t necessary, you’ll all survive. I love that I wrote a “Today I Love …” once that was exactly 400 words long, was made up of exactly four paragraphs (as always) and each paragraph was exactly 100 words in length and I don’t think anyone ever noticed that about it, it was my little joke to make me laugh, and it did. I love that there are things I’ve done in my life that were done for no other reason than fun and because I could do them and they were never secrets but they were unadvertised. I love that writing poetry is a great way to practice getting word counts to come out right. I love that I have no idea why I’d be telling anyone this but I was thinking about writing last night.

Today I love that I have had two rather odd ideas for short stories that came to me in the recent past and one is about a clock, and the time may have come for me to write that. See what I did there? Time to write a story about a clock? Good, eh? I love the fun I have with words, even when I’m the only one who gets it, but even more when others catch on to it. I love that I have some cooking to do today and I’m not quite sure how it will turn out.

Today I love that the dragon boat will be out on the water today if the weather takes the course it seems to have set and enough paddlers can make it to the slip. I love how much fun that is skimming along on the river with the paddlers looking determined and the boat’s spirit feeding on their power and determination. I love the long sleek lines of our boat and the reflection of those lines  left in our wake.

Today I love drinking coffee and being grumpy when no one has to endure my grumpiness on a sleepy morning.

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