Nightmare Scenario – Empaths Married to Covert Narcissists

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Empaths are highly sensitive individuals who make up fifteen percent of the population and this is inborn.  An empath literally feels what another person is experiencing on the deepest level.  Empaths are completely genuine and authentic.  They have great difficulty blocking internal and external experiences and messages that are in their  environments.  Empaths are very kind, compassionate. They are the biggest givers and forgivers.  Empaths are highly spiritual in the way that this word and concept has meaning to you.  Empaths are often attracted to and fooled by covert narcissists: their charm, magnetism, fake humility, pseudo empathy.  Unlike the empath the covert narcissist is very sneaky, cunning, controlling, convincing, duplicitous and lies incessantly and easily. The covert narcissist is the opposite of the empath. The covert heads toward his/her goal regardless of the destructive consequences to others, including their spouses. At some point the empath recognizes that they cannot continue to damage themselves with this relationship and decides to separate from this individual permanently. Empaths can move forward with their own lives, find individuals who care deeply about them, are respectful and appreciative of their gifts and compassion. Free yourself, heal fully and begin your new life.


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