Today I Love Slow Moving Saturdays

Nice day in the back yard
A slow moving Saturday

Today I love slow moving Saturdays just like this one where I’m left to my own devices and have no desire to tear through my day with reckless abandon. I love that despite this lackadaisical attitude much has already been accomplished, maybe there’s a secret in this slow and steady thing, though I’m not really being steady about it either. I love that I’ve been to the market and the grocery store and I’ve found my missing mittens and I’ve had my breakfast and lots of coffee and there’s just this bit of writing to do and a couple of news releases to publish and a bit more shopping and then maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get to work out in the garage for a short time. I love that I’m so laid back today that I’m good with whatever gets done. I love that there has been lots done already this week and that makes me feel good. I love kicking back on the weekend, taking life out of overdrive, throttling back to sixty or so percent and coasting along on momentum on the weekend and this weekend looks like it is perfect terrain for doing just that. I love that there are just a few things that need doing.

Today I love that one of us is re-certifying their St. Johns Ambulance training and I hope they never need to use it on me. I love that tomorrow there is no Georgian Bay Roots radio show but that all of us will be on the air together for the radio station’s big Christmas broadcast, so it’s kind of like we’re doing a show anyway. I love that our show is now an international thing since we were picked up by Blues And Roots Radio online and I’m kind of excited about that. I love that on Monday, we here at home are going to officially start considering making plans to possibly decide whether or not we want to consider changing our kitchen, that has firmed up a lot. 😉 I love that we take a long time to decide things, because that means when we do decide on something we’re pretty sure of ourselves.

Today I love breakfast at the Farmers’ Market. I love that I bought some vegetables all by myself. I love that last night I threw my last two rocks of the evening right to the button and landed right where I wanted to land twice in a row … I wish I’d taken a picture. I love that my team never won a game all through that last draw, but we did come in second every time and we had some big ends and a lot of fun. I love that we shuffled the teams around last night for the next draw and I think that everyone is going to have fun again, how could they not? We’re curling! I love that.

Today I love drinking coffee in my recliner while I consider the fact that since I threw two stones to the button, one right after the other on exactly the same path and with exactly the same weight … it maybe wasn’t a fluke?

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