Today I Love Happy Kitchens

Future kitchen maybe?

Today I love happy kitchens and I love how much happiness there is in ours so much of the time. I love that today we are gathering more information about new kitchen designs and getting ready to decide if we want to move the kitchen out into a slightly larger area of the house and make it a place that has even more room for happiness. I love that we know lots about this and yet, when we think about it, we know very little. I love that we have more questions than answers right now. I love how I find it funny that the few things we know we want in a changed kitchen are very important to us, but the things we think we don’t know are a little intimidating, given that we have a hundred years of kitchen experience between us. I love that I just laugh more than I worry, what could possibly go wrong? I love that we’ve decided on counter top material and color, but not where the appliances will go. I love that we agree on some sink details but are undecided on others. I love that we definitely have differing ideas about refrigerators. I love that we agree on ovens. I love that we have separate plans for the cupboards but those plans seem to work together well enough.

Today I love that tonight I get to go to ladies night curling because it is bring a friend night  and men are welcome. I love that I am there almost every ladies night anyway because they have an extra sheet of ice and a couple of us practice then. I love that I curl, that’s fun stuff. I love how much fun curling is for people when they realize it’s impossible to be perfect at it so the fun is in just throwing the rocks and enjoying the company.

Today I love that my friend Bob found a mistake in yesterday’s post and that means he read it. I love that my fellow radio show hosts and I had such a great time on stage yesterday and it all went over really well. I love that though I didn’t get a chance to sing the parting glass yesterday, I’m getting better at it and will maybe be able to perform it at other functions. I love that I enjoy being the center of attention, it keeps me out of trouble for the most part. I love that there is still time to cook food for the week and I’m going to make sure some of that happens.

Today I love how coffee winds me up and then holds me steady with its calm and guiding hand, yay coffee.

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