So you had a bad day? 9 Bad-Day Hacks (Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Tips)

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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching: How do you get through the hard days? Listen, I’ve been there – and I’m going to help you get through it.

Everyone has good days and bad, right? And, when you’re involved with a toxic narcissist, those days seem closer and closer together – sometimes, it seems like every day is a bad day.

So, you’ve got choices. Maybe you want to be miserable and focus on everything that sucks in your life? And if you do, then maybe you’re all set.

But your other option is to choose your own perception. You get to decide first how you see it, and then how to react to it. In this video, I’m sharing 9 key actions you can take when you’re having a bad day that will change it for the better – give it a shot and start making your life better right now.

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