Today I Love Saturday Mornings Downtown

Dragon Boat head and tail
Dragon in the house …

Today I love Saturday mornings downtown and all around my happy little city. I love that there have been things we wanted to take care of for a while now and they got taken care of this morning. I love that we wanted to get reusable silicone zipper seal bags and we found some locally at a great price and they have childish animal faces on them so they are everything we wanted and they are fun as well. I love that the Beautiful old Owen Sound Farmers’ Market was just a hopping with people and good stuff today and we immersed ourselves in it all and had breakfast again and bought the things we needed there and enjoyed it all so much that we almost didn’t want to leave to take care of our other errands. I love that we managed to leave the market and take care of so many things and even added one more thing that resulted in one of us now having good winter boots to hike in. I love that I am still thinking about hiking and walking as much as possible. I love that though you couldn’t slow me down physically when I started writing this blog and I have slowed down some since then, you still can’t slow down my ambition, even if it is ringing a little hollow these days.

Today I love that we had a great time at my partner’s company Christmas party last night and that we were given a pie on the way out the door as punishment for having eaten so much dinner that we had no room for dessert while we were there. I love that every time I open the fridge and catch a glimpse of that pie I think, “Oh yeah, there’s pie. I wonder if this is an okay time to dig into that?” I love that I have been threatening to make pie for a while now and every time I get close to having to make good on my threats something comes up that stops me, and I particularly love that this time it is the arrival in our house of a pie and an excuse not to make pie that comes as pie is the best excuse ever.

Today I love that the symphony is on tonight and we’re really looking forward to attending that. I love that we are off to the cottage tomorrow and we’ll be kicking back and enjoying that I assure you. I love that we will be in the Santa Claus Parade in Kemble with our dragon boat crew tomorrow and that will be the best parade in the area, and not just because it is the only parade with a dragon boat crew … but that certainly puts it over the top.

Today I love drinking my coffee in my chair after doing all the Saturday morning things and looking forward to the Saturday evening things.

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