Today I Love Not Saturdaying Too Hard

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Today I love not Saturdaying too hard ’cause this is a day that deserves an easy approach and a quiet admiration. I love that last night when we were curling the team I played against won half the ends we played and we won the other half. I love that a lot, because they are a good team and I’m happy that we were able to play with them. I love that there are two games left in the current draw and the second last one is against a team skipped by my vice from the last draw and the last one is against a team skipped by my partner. I love that I can’t lose because I’m only there to enjoy myself and that is guaranteed when playing against the teams that I get to play against. I love that last night I almost made half of my shots. I love that the members of my team appear to be enjoying themselves and that makes me happy. I love this game so much and that’s funny because when I have to describe it to people I cannot figure out what about it is so much fun. I love that I don’t care that I cannot explain it, I still love the game. I love making sure that the people who are just starting out in the game understand that no matter what their rock does, it is part of the game and they need to learn to make the best of the results and use the mistakes as advantages. I love that I can be an example of making advantages out of mistakes because I make lots of them.

Today I love that we are likely home for the weekend and we’ll be doing some serious watching of skating and curling because for some reason we feel that real sports are played on ice, despite the fact that neither one of us is fond of being cold. I love that there’s a big plan to create more usable storage in the biggest upstairs closet this weekend. I love that these plans often seem to take forever to come up with and then a great length of time to acclimate to and then all of a sudden material will be acquired and the plan seems to be going ahead and sometimes it even just gets done.

Today I Love Market breakfast, grocery shopping, laughter in our car and cheerful arrivals back home. I love that my life is full of happy time despite the fact that I’m not feeling my best these days. I love that I do what I can to keep up with life and don’t care how much it wears me down so long as I enjoy myself. I love living life in a lively manner, what else is life for when it’s been handed to you with few burdens and debts. I love my life.

Today I love drinking coffee in front of the TV while I write and we enjoy some Youth Olympic Games action.

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