Today I Love Homemade Apple Pie

Apple pies
No Valentines were harmed in the making of this pie

Today I love homemade apple pie made with homemade pie shells and local apples and more than a little bit of adventuring. I love when I start out making one recipe and then change it midway through like the time I was making two crust apple pies and someone said they loved Dutch apple pie so I left the filling as it was, left off the top crust, and made a streusel crumb topping for it and fired it into the oven and it worked out so well that I’ve been making them ever since. I love that all the talk about upgrading my kitchen has got me baking again and that’s a good thing I think. I love how there are so many metaphors for life in one’s kitchen, gotta break eggs to make an omelette, too many cooks spoil the broth, if you can’t stand the heat … well, maybe that one should be if you can stand the heat, why aren’t you in the kitchen with me having a cup of coffee, sharing a laugh or two and making some great meal? I love that kitchens often end up being where people hang out when they visit with each other. I love that a good kitchen can double as almost anything, dining room, living room, office space, I’ve even been known to doze off in my kitchen now and then. I love that I was smart enough to make a couple of pie shells in tin foil plates so that they could go traveling without me worrying about getting my pie dishes back.

Today I love that tonight we curl. I love that we have company coming and most of them will be coming to the club tomorrow to curl with us as well. I love that of the two joining us to curl tomorrow, one of them has never curled before and the other curled all through high school, but it’s been a while so it should be fun. I love that I am laughing already just imagining how we will do, we might win a few ends, we might lose all the ends, but I’m certain we are going to enjoy the whole thing and probably laugh a fair bit at ourselves before we’re done.

Today I love laughing out loud and uncontrollably because I’ve found that it makes others laugh with joy, and that’s the best laughter going. I love when someone in my home says something and it makes me laugh and it turns out that was what she’d hoped to do. I love that my laughter makes more than just me happy. I love that laughter is more than just the best medicine, it’s the best gift as well, laugh with someone today, won’t you? I love that Valentine’s day only happens once a year, because no one needs that extra pressure more often than that. I love that every other day of the year when you do something nice for your significant other it was because you wanted to and not because the world expected you to. I love that tomorrow isn’t Valentine’s and I’m looking forward to being in love then much more than I am today, but I’m still in love today.

Today I love coffee and the way it seems to think that it too needs to be especially nice to me on Valentine’s day, I can tell by the way it behaves even more coffeeish when it’s next to the homemade apple pie.

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