Today I Love The Threats Of Rain

grey skies
The day is threatening rain …

Today I love the threats of rain as the skies grow dark and brooding and the mood becomes one that invites us all to snuggle down under sweaters and maybe get ready to watch the coming storm with cups of tea and the company of our isolation partners. I love that we are still managing to stay safe but have found some creative ways to enjoy our time. I really love that we have a lot of materials onsite for the renovation and at the rate I’m going they may well last me a month or so. I love that I can order things I might need and probably get them delivered, thinking I might actually get to the point of needing flooring before this isolation starts to wind down and I love that we had already decided on a choice between two materials and we’ve pretty much figured out which one we’d go with. I love that much of the work I do to support myself is at home and that makes it easy for me to continue working. I love that the other things I do for a living are the things I’d already started doing here to our own home and so here I am, isolating without making much of a change to my life at all. I love that I am well aware of how lucky I am, love that I know that others do not have it so easy and I love that I know enough to be grateful to those who are supporting us and sympathetic to those for whom these times are such an awesome and terrible burden.

Today I love that there is a wall coming down on this day, I’m marking the calendar and taking pictures, and there will be a big slide show available for me to bore guests to tears with when this is all over. I love that many small problems are being fixed along the way, things like overloaded circuits and a leaky tub drain that we weren’t even fully aware of. I love that the kitchen now has more receptacle circuits than the rest of the house, or at least as many.

Today I love that I am starting to need comfort food and I feel a spiritual obligation to make Mac & Cheese soon and that is maybe going to be the christening of the new oven and as it is my mother’s and Grandmother’s recipe I feel that is fitting. I love that the biggest regret I have about this renovation is that I cannot show this new kitchen to them, my mother and my grandmother would have been amazed at the new and wonderful things that can be part of such a space now.

Today I love drinking my coffee while the walls come down around me, in a controlled and planned way on a grey and threatening day.

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