Positives During Coronavirus Part 1

I’ve been trying to stay as positive as possible during this hard time. Things are tough, but one thing I always find comforting is searching for the positives (no matter how ‘small’) even during dark times. I wanted to start a series each month from now on of the positive’s I’ve found throughout the month.

I hope this series makes other people smile and perhaps inspires them to do the same. I thought it would be lovely for me to look back on when I’m struggling. Thankfully this month so far there’s already a lot of positive’s, so I’m dividing the post up into 2 parts throughout the month of May.

Other people decorating their balconies

We don’t have a garden or a balcony, and that’s been a tough thing during the lockdown. To try to combat this, we decided to decorate our little ‘fake’ balcony (french windows that open but no balcony to step out on) with fake plants and bird feeders to cheer us up. It has been wonderful! We now have something beautiful to look at which lifts my mood, and we see birds coming to our feeders all day long despite being in a city, which is truly beautiful. Recently when we went for a walk, we noticed that other people are beginning to follow suit in our block of flats. We saw people with plants and hanging baskets from their little balconies.

Keyworkers waving from cars

On our walk recently, I saw some carers and a medical professional in scrubs smiling out of their cars at us and our dogs (I’m sure the dogs more so than us), and I waved. They waved and smiled back, and it made me feel so cheerful.

Being allowed to exercise more than once a day

Scotland has recently changed the rules from being allowed to exercise once a day, to being able to do unlimited exercise as long as you stay close to home. That has been fantastic over the last few days, both for us and for our dogs.

Having a new writing opportunity

In the last few days, I got a new writing opportunity and it’s something I feel very passionate about. I’m excited about the possibilities and what could be ahead.

My dogs getting some new beds

I recently ordered my dogs some new beds and they love them. It’s very cute and it makes me smile to see them enjoying their new comfy beds. Plus one is a little house, and it looks adorable!

I’ll be sharing more positives for the month of May later on in the month. I’d love to hear any positives you’ve experienced this month so far!


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