“Can Grief Change Over time?” Domains of Life Impacted

miserable photoGrief is a difficult subject.
Loss is a difficult subject.
But understanding it is essential to getting through it and managing it better.

In this article and video, I discuss the domains of life that grief tends to impact and how it impacts us as we experience it.

If you read most literature on grief and loss you are likely to find information on the 5 stages of grief (i.e., denial, anger, depression, bargaining, and acceptance). You most likely won’t see much in terms of traumatic loss, prolonged or delayed grief, and similar concepts. That’s because the topic of traumatic grief is rarely spoken of.

There is a lot to the topic of grief that we must understand. It impacts many domains in our lives during the process and long after the process of grief. Sadly, some people believe that grief is short-term and should only last for a certain duration of time before the healing process begins. However, the reality is that grief can last for as long as the person struggles and that could be for many years.

Research on the grief and loss process including traumatic grief has focused on different domains that are impacted by the process. The domains include but are not limited to:

  • Family
  • Marriage
  • Social
  • Leisure/recreational
  • Work

For more information on each domain click below to watch my most recent video:


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